Use the influence of professional athletes to help build your brand.

Why athletes?

Get heard at scale

Reach out with your message among network of athletes and their fans. Natively and cross platform.

Affiliate with top athletes

Influencer endorsment is the most effective marketing channel today and athletes are among the most engaging users.

Engage sport fans

Unique reach in a very attractive target group with younger generation fans.


We’re offering different types of campaigns and sponsorships that match your brand and goals.
Branding overlay Campaign message overlay on content.
Pre-roll video Short message prior to video content.
Sponsorship Deeper collaborations with selected athletes.

Campaign Types

We can offer campaigns for both shorter periods and season long sponsorships. In the future we will expand this offering.


  • Impresison based advertising for a specific target group, market and/or sport.
  • Presented together with athlets content online.
  • Follow-up report on data and performance.


  • Long term sponsorship deals with selected athletes that fit your brand.
  • Exclusively in your category for that athlete and prioritization over advertising sales.

See it for yourself!

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